An entire multi-axis modular system

In mSlider we have worked hard to design a system of multiple axes fully configurable according to the needs of each person. We have achieved to make an easily assembled and simple in use equipment.

Designed for video, effective for many more applications

Each item, piece and component has been designed for the most critical movements when working with video and timelapse or other techniques, where time synchronization and movements have to be consistent and precise.

Daisy chain system

As simple as connecting a RJ45 ethernet cable from one device to another in order to be part of the system.

Independent or joint power

Each device can be powered through its power connector or through the mBUS port from other devices. This allows battery hot swapping while movements are performed.

One controller, several devices

Just connect a controller to the mBUS to access the functions of each axis and program them. Place each device where you want to program movements from different angles maximizing your time and taking several shots at once.

mBUS, a tailor-made protocol

When talking about connectivity and communication between devices, it requires a standardized, reliable, robust and scalable protocol. What we have done is to have all these factors in mind when designing the mBUS. A protocol with a standard RJ45, redundant power, messages control and it is invented to expand the system up to 32 devices.

Beyond moving a camera

The possibilities of the multi-axis system are unlimited such as moving components, equipment, tools, lights and more to produce a dynamic and controllable change in any work or production required.

What you need, when you need it

Connect the axes according to your needs, thanks to the modularity of the mBUS system you can connect the axes you need.


From 870,00 €


From 705,00 €

mSlider + Swivel

From 1.515,00 €

Controller One

150,00 €

Tilt accesories

110,00 €

Leveling base

80,00 €