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Add professional movements to your creations

The mSlider is not only an electronic slider designed to provide linear movement to the camera, it is also a powerful and portable tool that will help you get the maximum performance from your shots quickly and easily. It is made entirely of aluminum using CNC and it is hand-assembled.

Stronger, smarter

The guide has been improved and treated with anti-corrosion treatment. From that it also gets the black look that integrates with the rest of mSlider and its black textured coated finish.

Smoother displacement and more accurate

Both electronics and software have been redesigned to squeeze even more the mSlider capabilities, giving extreme unprecedented precision and smoothness.

Scalable and flexible

The mSlider comes with the new mBUS connection system, in order to be expanded with more axes and remain an off-road slider without losing performance. It comes with dual port to minimize the number of cables and you do not have to purchase any extra accessory in case you want to expand it.

A tool for life

Its craftsmanship and build quality makes the mSlider a tool for professionals: Durable and always upgradeable with more features.

With one, two or without tripods

The mSlider has 1/4” and 3/8” threads to put one or two tripods. Furthermore, you can put it at ground level of almost any terrain using the Crazylegs.

So easy to use and yet so advanced

Getting to work with mSlider is a matter of seconds. Automatic calculations, presets, and visual aids will make even the most complex shot a piece of cake. In addition with the Master Controller you can control advanced functions such as keyframes or the smoothness of transitions.

Let your imagination run

It surely has not been designed for every single application, but to any application that needs a precision linear movement the mSlider is the perfect ally.

Works in any angle

You can put the mSlider in the position that you wish and it will continue moving smoothly and accurately, even reversed.

Video, Timelapse and StopMotion

The mSlider is so versatile you can use it for both Timelapse and Video, you can even mix the two to get incredible sequences. You can also make the Stopmotion animations you have always wanted with camera movements.

Size does not matter, but the story does

It is not important if your work is done with a small compact camera or a cinema camera, mSlider helps you so you can concentrate on what really matters and not waste time.

Standalone operation

Once the movement started, it can still working even if the controller is disconnected.

In studio or outdoors

You can work with it plugged through the main electrical grid or with a battery if you need to take it where there is no electricity.


  • Dimensions
    1160 x 60 x 111 mm
  • Weight
    4.5 kg
  • Working travel length
    910 mm
  • Min. speed continuous mode
    0.019 mm/s
  • Maximum speed
    100 mm/s
  • Horizontal load capacity
    > 15 kg
  • Vertical load capacity
    > 6 kg
  • Precision
    0.00075 mm
  • Power consumption
    6 - 14.4 Wh
  • Input voltage
    11 - 20 V


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mSlider + Swivel

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Controller One

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Leveling base

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