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A small motion studio in the palm of your hand

The Master Controller is so advanced, that lets you control all mSlider's devices via any device with a web browser and Wi-Fi.

Double mBUS port

The Master Controller's is equipped with dual mBUS port to simplify connectivity with other devices. Also thanks to the daisy chain is no need to purchase any extra accessories to distribute the power or communications between various devices.


The Master Controller main feature is the not dependent on a particular operating system or device. You can drive from any device with a web browser with HTML5 support. No need to install any application, simply connect to the network created by the Master Controller and access a web page.

Elegant on the outside, powerful inside

Its textured powder coat and its aluminum construction give sobriety and solidity to the Master Controller, ensuring that the heart does not stop beating even when the most complicated calculations are required.

Edit multiple keyframes

With the Master Controller you can work and program multiple keyframes to perform any complex sequence where various movements or axis are involved.

At a glance

A light indicator has been integrated into the Master Controller telling you the state it is.

Program graphically movements transitions

Programming acceleration, transitions from one point to another or deceleration is as simple as dragging a point on the screen. Thanks to the modeling and implementation of Bezier curves you can perform movements as sharp or as smooth as you need without losing precision.

Do not be left without power

The Master Controller has a 5V USB port to connect and charge your device while you use it.

Full control over each axis

Edit the name, change the limits, enter a position, adjust the time, configure feature, etc… These are just some of the things you can do with the Master Controller.

More than a web server

You can not just set the wifi network and see the IP of the ethernet, but you can also connect it with multiple devices at a time and see how them update in real time, perfect teamwork.

By air or cable

We have integrated a LAN socket for a local connection if you want to work in a studio and do not want to connect your computer via Wi-Fi. This also enables integration of the Master Controller on a server and connect to it remotely from anywhere in the world.

Ready for more

The Master Controller is just the beginning of everything that can provide a portable study of motion and barrier-free, so it is ready to receive future updates with more features.

Save your work and get it back anytime

You can save all the shoot settings you want, and when you need them retrieve them back individually for axis or together.

Responsive design

The Master Controller interface adapts to any screen size, from the smallest smartphone to the largest screen.


  • Dimensions
    100 x 80 x 39 mm
  • Weight
    220 gr
  • Wi-Fi
    802.11n/g/b up to 150Mbps
  • LAN
    10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Charger USB
    5V up to 500mA
  • Web browser compatibility
    HTML5 web browsers
  • Power consumption
    2.4 Wh
  • Input voltage
    11 - 20 V


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mSlider + Swivel

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