Follow Focus Prototype V7

After releasing the new firmware update that we comment in the last post, now we are continue developing the motorized follow focus that we started some time ago.

To start we have collected the experience from past prototypes as well as some users opinions that have their particular vision of how a follow focus should be.

Summarizing what we already had and adding some opinions these will be the features that the follow focus will have:

  • Compact: Both motor and electronics will be one piece.
  • Compatibility: It can be connected to our mBUS axes system and also it can be operated autonomously.
  • Integrated shutter control: Like the other axes we create, it will incorporate its own shutter connector to trigger the camera to make Timelapse or StopMotion.
  • Stantandard cinema lenses pitch 0.8: It will have a gear compatible with most cinema lenses. To use it with photography lenses or lenses with another pitch will be necessary an adapter ring or belt.
  • Compatible with 15mm and 19mm rods: We want that our follow focus can be mounted in hdslr rods (15mm) and in cinema rods (19mm) without using any adapter.
  • Focus, zoom and iris: Its main use will be move the focus, but it also can be used to move the zoom (as long as the zoom ring is not extremely tough) or iris rings.
  • Powered by the bus or independent: Like the other axes it can be powered through the mBUS or with a 12-20V battery directly connected to the follow focus.
  • Robust and accurate: This is definitely the main feature we have in mind when we design our devices. They have to be extremely accurate and robust enough to operate in most conditions.
  • Versatile: Not only will work for programmed movements but also it can be use in live mode. We will create several controllers to operate in live, of course it also can be used with the existent controllers.

This is a image of the V7 prototype in which we are actually working.


In the image we can appreciate the follow focus size with the motor and the integrated electronics, as well as the connectors.