New firmware minor update V1.5.3 for mSlider and Swivel


In this minor update v1.5.3 we have expanded the trigger functionality for video mode.

Now the trigger signal is enabled at the start and at the end of video move to on/off the record camera signal in video mode for those cameras that accept an external video trigger.

It’s useful too for sync the movement with other brands motion control devices.

You can download the firmware in the following link:

New firmware Update for Master Controller V1.2.1


We have launched a minor firmware update for the Master Controller with a fixed and improved live mode.

Here is the download link and log:

New firmware update V1.5.2 for mSlider and Swivel


We have released a new minor update for mSlider and Swivel that fixes some bugs reported by users.Especially we recommend to update to all users, especially those that use the Master Controller and do not want to have problems with Shot-Move-Shot mode.

Here is the list of changes in this version 1.5.2:
- Fixed a bug in the movement to certain trajectories Shot Shot-Move-programmed with the Master Controller.
- Fixed a bug that affected the mSliders of more than 1800mm.
- Error prevention with exposure time too close to the time interval.

To download the new firmware  can be done through our website in the support section.

Follow Focus Prototype V7

After releasing the new firmware update that we comment in the last post, now we are continue developing the motorized follow focus that we started some time ago.

To start we have collected the experience from past prototypes as well as some users opinions that have their particular vision of how a follow focus should be.

Summarizing what we already had and adding some opinions these will be the features that the follow focus will have:

  • Compact: Both motor and electronics will be one piece.
  • Compatibility: It can be connected to our mBUS axes system and also it can be operated autonomously.
  • Integrated shutter control: Like the other axes we create, it will incorporate its own shutter connector to trigger the camera to make Timelapse or StopMotion.
  • Stantandard cinema lenses pitch 0.8: It will have a gear compatible with most cinema lenses. To use it with photography lenses or lenses with another pitch will be necessary an adapter ring or belt.
  • Compatible with 15mm and 19mm rods: We want that our follow focus can be mounted in hdslr rods (15mm) and in cinema rods (19mm) without using any adapter.
  • Focus, zoom and iris: Its main use will be move the focus, but it also can be used to move the zoom (as long as the zoom ring is not extremely tough) or iris rings.
  • Powered by the bus or independent: Like the other axes it can be powered through the mBUS or with a 12-20V battery directly connected to the follow focus.
  • Robust and accurate: This is definitely the main feature we have in mind when we design our devices. They have to be extremely accurate and robust enough to operate in most conditions.
  • Versatile: Not only will work for programmed movements but also it can be use in live mode. We will create several controllers to operate in live, of course it also can be used with the existent controllers.

This is a image of the V7 prototype in which we are actually working.


In the image we can appreciate the follow focus size with the motor and the integrated electronics, as well as the connectors.

New update available for all our devices


After a lot of work, we have finished a new firmware update for all our devices.

En next few days we will explain in more detail some new interesting features like moving the axes moving the phone, but for now we are going to list the new features and enhancements for each device:

  • Driver v1.5 (mSlider and Swivel)
    • We are proud of the fine adjustment we have done in each motor. We have readjusted the power supply to the motor at every moment to achieve maximum performance across the entire speed range. With this we have achieved further increase the smoothness of movement and reduce energy consumption.
    • Taking advantage of the previous work we have created several modes for the motor:
      • Swivel:
        • Standard: It has a maximum power consumption of 7.2Wh, a horizontal payload greater than 14kg and a vertical payload greater than 7kg.
        • Maximum torque: It has a maximum power consumption of 12Wh, a horizontal payload greater than 20kg and a vertical payload greater than 10kg.
      • mSlider:
        • Energy saving: It has a maximum power consumption of 4.2Wh in Timelapse and low speed, in other speeds it has a maximum power consumption of 11.4Wh. It has a horizontal payload greater than 10kg and a vertical payload of 4kg.
        • Standard: It has a maximum power consumption of 14.4Wh, a horizontal payload greater than 15kg and a vertical payload greater than 6kg.
    • It is compatible with Controller One v1.5 and Master Controller v1.2.

  • Controller One v1.5
    • Added selection motor modes discussed above.
    • Extended the maximum time to 10 days in Timelapse.
    • Extended the maximum interval to 60 minutes in Timelapse.
    • Loads by default the values of the Preset 1, in this way you can save your favourite adjustments in that preset and every time you connect the devices you will have this adjustments by default.
    • Preset 9 now has default adjustments.
    • Presets are loaded and saved in all connected devices.
    • Improved the quick change of axis.
    • Minor bugs correction.
    • It is compatible with Driver v1.5.

  • Master Controller v1.2
    • New ways to move the axes in live motion. Now you can move up to three axes moving the phone / tablet. There are two modes:
      • Move by speed: The axes speed increase moving the phone from the origin. With the slider you can control the maximum speed the axes can reach.
      • Move by position: A relationship between the absolute position of the phone and the position of the axes is established. With the slider you modify the axes acceleration.
    • StopMotion advanced, besides being able to advance frame by frame we can go to specific frames of motion, either forward or backward one by one, or indicating a specific frame.
    • New way to move the axes to a keyframe in live. Until now you could send the axes to a specific keyframe and they went directly to that position. We’ve added a mode that allows go to a keyframe from another following the path defined in the graph.
    • New option to go to the starting position of the movement. Depending on the scenario can not be interested that the axes go directly to the starting position, because a collision may occurs, then we can use a special mode that allows to go to the starting position following the path from a given keyframe.
    • Now the Master Controller is multilingual, you can choose between Spanish and English.
    • Added a user manual in the Master Controller.
    • Added selection motor modes discussed above, additionally allows selection between the “Silent” mode (the motor works in a non-audible frequency) and “smooth” (ideal for macro and big magnifications).
    • Added a way to restore the default WiFi name and password pressing the Master Controller button for 10 seconds.
    • Enable and Disable swipe gesture to open the panel is now persistent.
    • You can see which version have the Drivers from the Master Controller.
    • Bug fixes and improved system stability.
    • It is compatible with Driver v1.5.

Besides adding the manual within the Master Controller itself, can also be found in: Master Controller Manual.

You can find the new firmwares in Support.To update the mSlider, Swivel and Controller One you must use our Firmware Updater program (you will find the link in the support section), inside contains a PDF with instructions. Only the USB cable should be connected, do no connect the power cable.

To update the Master Controller you have to download the firmware file and once connected to the Master Controller provide that file in the window to update. You can find more detailed information in the manual.

Any questions or problems that you may have not hesitate to contact us. We are also open to suggestions for future firmwares.

We continue working on creating and improving our equipment, the following will be a follow focus, soon we will give more information.

We create high quality Motion Control systems for audiovisual creatives, focus on the smoothness, accuracy and repeatability of movements.