mSlider originated from a challenge: Being able to build a compact and economical motorized slider for Timelapse, but offering professional and high-end featured that were previously only exclusive of large companies.

At first it will be merely a project focused on Timelapse enthusiasts but thanks to our knowledge and feedback of many of these enthusiasts and industry professionals we developed what we know today as mSlider. A wonderful device not only made ​for Timelapse ​but also for Cinema.

What we create are tools for creative people, and because of that we continue today with the same dream, but with more experience, always focused on improving our technology and user experience, with the power of all who share with us your vision and dreams.

We are specialized in three disciplines within the advanced field of Motion Control, such as mechanics, electronics and computing. We bring these disciplines to the most artisan hand, designing ourselves all the elements that manufacture and assemble later in our humble little workshop. This creates an unparalleled result in our , providing them with heart and soul inside and out elegance and sturdiness outside.